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Eyelid Surgery is Third Most Popular Procedure, Per ISAPS Global Survey Results
EconoTimes reports that, according to results from the ISAPS Global Survey, eyelid surgery is performed mostly on women. In addition, it ranks as the No 3 most popular aesthetic surgical procedure worldwide, comprising 13.1% of all procedures.

The EconoTimes article also notes that 21.8%, or 276,082 of eyelid surgeries, are performed on men; and that 988,620, or 78.2% of eyelid surgeries, are performed on women. The most eyelid surgeries, at 143,165—or 11.3% of the country’s total procedures—were performed in Brazil. The United States comes in second with 141,505 procedures—or 11.2% of total surgeries—performed there.

“In these results, we find that men are just as concerned with their appearance as women,” notes Susumu Takayanagi, MD, ISAPS president, in the news report. “While women have always wanted to look younger as they age, men are increasingly feeling the desire to retain a youthful look,” he states.

The Global Survey results regarding surgical and nonsurgical treatments from 2015 were tabulated via a questionnaire sent to 35,000 ISAPS members. Information from the questionnaires was compiled, tabulated, and analyzed by independent research firm Industry Insights Inc.

[Source: EconoTimes]

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